The most likely place a rider is going to be involved in a collision is at a junction and it will be because the driver looked but didn’t see you and/or because of our size they misjudged how soon we would arrive at the junction, if this is so common and we as riders know it happens why does it still catch riders out?


You know the junctions there so you now have a choice, rely on luck, rely on someone else or take control of the situation.

● On approach position your bike where it will give the driver the best opportunity to see you.
● Think about your speed, if the driver pulls out could you stop?
● Avoid overtakes at junctions.
● As you get closer to the junction consider moving away to the left or right away from the emerging driver.
● Can you see the driver, can they see you.
● A car wheel starting to turn as it moves suggests they might be pulling out, don’t rely on eye contact.
● Have an escape plan, what will you do if the driver does pull out?


                                                                         Expect it-Plan for it-Have a plan B

You may think you have lightning reactions but they may not be quick enough to save you where as a calmy executed plan will give you time to deal with what ever happens.